Our Mision

HIGHFLY - Watersports

Innovation inspires us. It takes us to new state of mind; it transports our minds, animates our spirits, and enlivens our senses.

Our  company HighFly was created on the basis of innovative thinking and contribution to all of you who want to improve your water experience.

For the first time we introduced ourselves to the world with electric hydrofoil Flying Rodeo, which opened up countless possibilities for further development.

Flying Rodeo

Brand Flying Rodeo still runs our company and within this brand we develop other sulutions for you.

Our mision is to inspire people with innovation and encourage them to their own creativity or creative thinking.We are just a channel through which they can achieve perfection whether it is an experience or a product. We combined the best materials, technology and knowledge.

So enjoy your ride and join us on our journey through new era of watercraft development.


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