HighFly - WaterSports

Motor system 5,5 kW

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HighFly - WaterSports

Motor system 5,5 kW


Ultimate performance motor system developed for efoils.   


  - Power up to 5,5 kW,
  - Voltage up to 14s.                                                                                                               
Set included:

  - Powerful 5,5kW motor;
  - propeller Safety Guard;
  - standard 6inch propeller,
  - 1,3m extanded cables,
  - 1,3m water pipe
  - mast clamp fit to Slingshoot and Lift.

Warranty one year
All prices are without VAT

Suface Treatment

We use best surface treatment for our product so they can fight salt water years of use


All materials are carefully chosen with best quality and strength


The whole process uses advanced technology to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck. :)