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BLADE for Assist Motor

  • BLADE for Assist Motor

HighFly - WaterSports

BLADE for Assist Motor


Build your own Propeller! 

Especially suitable for e-foil assist motors.

The propeller blade is designed with a larger surface area to enhance low-end thrust.

It provides increased torque at lower RPM, effectively preventing propeller cavitation during high load situations.

INCLUDET: Aluminum propeller blade with a plastic bushing insert, providing enhanced durability and performance.

The combined total of the two blades is FI150.

The blades are made from aerospace-grade aluminum and CNC machined from a solid block, ensuring superior quality and precision.

Attention: A damaged blade can create propeller imbalance!

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Suface Treatment

We use best surface treatment for our product so they can fight salt water years of use


All materials are carefully chosen with best quality and strength


The whole process uses advanced technology to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck. :)