Let us intriduce you new watercraft FLYWAY!!!

 FlyWay is an innovative electric standing scooter that rises above the water level. It is the first electric water scooter on the global market and is the result of the development of our company, which since its establishment has been focused on the development of electric vessels on the water and environmental protection.

FlyWay is a boat that is safe for use by families and children who want a peaceful ride, as well as adrenaline enthusiasts whose goal is an advanced ride or doing tricks and jumps
The boat has a rudder on which there is a speed regulator, the safety protection is to turn off when you fall off the boat.

There is a screen on the steering wheel that shows you the speed levels and battery consumption.

You can also play your favorite music on it, as it has a built-in bluetooth speaker that connects to your phone.

It is designed to be disassembled and therefore easier to transport.


So we are looking forward to introducing you to FlyWay - the vessel of the future!



Diogo Ribeiro da Cunha

Were can I try the flying machine?

Diogo Ribeiro da Cunha
Rico lee

Look forward to birth

Rico lee

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